Biker Boy Akshay Kumar’s Plea For Safety

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Biker Boy Akshay Kumar’s Plea For Safety

Bollywood’s resident macho man Akshay Kumar took time off from his family and usual Sunday activities, to attend a road safety awareness rally here in Mumbai.
Organised by Mumbai Police and a private company, the road safety awareness rally was aimed at creating awareness among travelers, of the need to maintain utmost safety while riding.

Akshay Kumar, resident He-Man of Bollywood, spoke at length about the importance of being completely safe, while on the roads. He touched upon the need to wear a helmet, and follow other safety measure, especially while riding on two-wheelers.

In a white tee, sleeveless grey woollie, a sky blue cap and a two-day old stubble, the macho Akshay made sure he enforced time and again the need to be safe. The man who is famous for performing the most daring, incredible stunts on-screen, confessed to being a safety-first sort of guy.

Akshay symbolically held up a helmet to show he meant business, here at the rally. Also spotted at the Sunday morning rally was Mumbai Police Commissioner Satyapal Singh.

Akshay Kumar, known for his daredevilry, has been predominantly seen in action and comic roles off late. The Khiladi of the Industry, as he is fondly known, is gearing up for his upcoming films, Pistol, Dostana 2, Holiday and Hera Pheri 4.

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