Sudesh Berry on a roll; roped in for Star Plus' Arjun and Mahabharat

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Sudesh Berry on a roll; roped in for Star Plus

After almost a two year long hiatus the popular Sudesh Berry has finally decided to make a comeback on TV with Star Plus’ weekend fiction thriller – Arjun. Sudesh who has done various films and TV shows is more than excited to be back on the telly tube.

The impressive actor exclaims, “I am married to television and cinema is my girlfriend. I love doing great work and I enjoy – Acting. I have always played diverse roles and I am very happy to get a chance to play Shankar Yadav – an auto rickshaw driver who is a serial killer. The role is fantastic and I hope my audience accepts me in such a different avatar.”

While Sudesh gears up to play an antagonist, another piece of great news for the actor and his audience is that he has been confirmed to play Drupad – Draupadi’s father’ on Star Plus’ grand epic – Mahabharat.
We are sure that the audience will be more than happy to follow the talented actor as he makes a grand appearance on screen.

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