Schedule: 9 to 9.30 (Mon-Fri) on Colors Last Updated: 05-Feb-2015

Uttaran is an Indian soap opera that aired on 1 December 2008 at 10pm on Colors TV. In the month, the serial reaches among top 20 serials. Now Uttaran trp reaches 3.2 and stands 9th position in trp chart and 3rd position in Colors TV. This serial reaches 1000 episodes in 7 November 2012.Uttaran is also the toppest serial among others such as Balika Vadhu,Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon and Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha 2. This series is also dubbed in Tamil as Sindhu Bhairavi at 7pm on Raj TV and in Serbia as Odbacena at 5pm on Prva TV. This Series is 3rd longest running serial now.This is a story of Ichcha, born in the slums of a city but one who desires much more than what her destiny has in store for her. In the hope of giving her a better life, Ichcha’s mother joins a rich household as a maid. Ichcha befriends Tapasya (the daughter of the lady of the house), but soon learns the hard lesson that servants will never be considered as part of a family, no matter how much they sacrifice for them. However things change when Mahindra, suitor of Tapasya, falls in love with good natured Ichcha. Can she dare to expect him to stand up for her . For more videos info and more visit Uttaran

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